Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Problem with my new rescued dog    My husband and I just rescued a female German Shepherd a few days ago. We found her roaming around the street. She was very dirty and she smelled really bad. We decided to take her in since we did not see any tag or collar on her so we thought that she is a stray dog. Anyway, we have had her for about 3 days now and she is really nice and sweet especially to me. However, I think that she has some problems with my husband because whenever he tries to pet or touch her head, she starts to shake and pee. I do not know why she is like that to Mark but she is doing OK with me.

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07:42:44 AM
Problem with my new rescued dog
Hi! I am glad that you took her in instead of her roaming around because that can cause harm and danger to her. Anyway, is she the same with other people or just with our husband? I think that maybe the reason why she acts that way is that she has been abused or hurt by a male before that is why she is acting like that. Maybe you can have her trained or if you do not want to do that, maybe you can just slowly show and teach her that your husband will bring her no harm and that she can feel safe with you. I know that it will take a long time and process, but I hope that things will turn out alright.
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07:49:06 AM
Problem with my new rescued dog
Hello Oslo. Thank you for your answer. Yes, she is like that only with my husband. I am not allowing her yet to go out of the yard so I have no idea whether she is like that with other males. I think that maybe you are right when you said that maybe she has been abused or maltreated by a male before and that is the reason why she is afraid of Mark. My friend told me that I should tell Mark that he should give his food and treats to the dog. We will try to do that and we will do all that we can for her to be more comfy with us. We would like to keep her for a long time. Thank you again!
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