Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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There's a stray dog around our neighborhood    So there is this small and cute Chihuahua roaming around our neighborhood. He is so cute and he is sweet and gentle as well. He does not hurt anyone and he just follows people from their houses to the places that they are going. I think that he is not a stray but I am not really sure because he just goes around during daytime and I do not see him at night so I assume that maybe he has an owner he goes home to. Now the problem is, I think that this dog is sick because when I saw him up close I saw that he has red eyes. What should I do? Should I inform someone about this? I do not think he is a threat though.

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05:24:07 AM
There's a stray dog around our neighborhood
Wow. His owner just lets him wander around like that? I think that is very insensitive if the owner because it seems that he does not care about the dog and I do not think that he has any idea that his dog is sick. Maybe you can also post a photo of the dog so that we will be able to know if the red eyes are hereditary or maybe he is really sick. I am not a vet so maybe you can try to bring him a vet or contact his owner so that you will know and that you can inform them that the dog is sick. I hate owners like that who do not think about their dogs. Maybe you can bring him to a pound so that they can take action.
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05:28:05 AM
There's a stray dog around our neighborhood
It is so sad to hear that some people do not care about the well-being and welfare of their dogs. I know that they must be busy with their work or with their family but we all are, right? I mean if they did not want to have a "burden" like that then they should not have owned one in the first place. There was a stray dog going around the neighborhood a few months ago and I did not want to adopt him then because I thought that he has an owner already. I was sad though because after a few days I saw that he was already dead and he was crashed by a car. It is so sad and I wish that I should have taken action back then.
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