Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Rescue Dogs    The First rescue dogs(of the Molossian type)were used centuries ago for tracing paths that disappeared in snowstorms.In addition,for 300 years,dogs raised by the Cenobite Brothers in the Hospice of St.Bernard in Switzerland have been used to find lost people.

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06:20:17 AM
Re: Rescue Dogs
Many people say rescue dogs make the best companions because they are grateful. That may or may not be true but rescue dogs certainly deserve a wonderful home and some training. Some have issues but usually it is easier to train a rescue dog than it is to train a puppy.
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02:53:27 PM
Re: Rescue Dogs
Yeah right! These dogs are great and intelligent. They sniff good and can detect survivors better than human beings can do. Their noses are like radars that could be be very helpful locating lost persons. They can even dig buried people who are still alive.
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