Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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When the dog is sick...    How will you know if the dog is sick? What observations can you give without touching the dog?

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04:42:33 AM
Re: When the dog is sick...
Obviously, if you see he looks like uneasy and very uncomfortable, I mean, as an owner you can feel that he's not well, well if you feel that your dog is uneasy, maybe you need to bring him to the vet, for further examination and evaluation.
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04:42:58 AM
Re: When the dog is sick...
furthermore, loss of appetite and vomiting could also be a sign than your dog is sick, as I said before you might as well want to bring him/her immediately to your vet, for immediate prescription of medicine.
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02:18:49 PM
Re: When the dog is sick...
I think one of the signs is coughing, like mine, when she cough heavily, I know there's something wrong, try to observe if he/she is coughing heavily.
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