Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Rescued dog and his toys    As you all know that I just rescued or adopted whatever you want to call it, a dog just a few days ago. When I got him he was very dirty but he was still very friendly. I think he is just over 6 months old. Anyway, so I want to teach him to play with his toys and with Hunter, my other dog. Hunter has been very supportive of everything and he did not get jealous of the new dog. Now, I want our new dog to play with his toys because I bought him a lot of toys but he doesn't touch them. How could I teach him that it is alright to play or chew with his toys?

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12:16:35 AM
Rescued dog and his toys
The best advice that I could probably give you is to just give him enough time to adjust and adapt to his new surroundings. It would be really hard for him to get used to you and to new things and it may take a while, or if not maybe a long time. Just let him be for he will get the hang of it sometime soon. When we had Blue, he was exactly like that. He would not play with us and acted indifferently towards us. We just let him be and soon after he was running around the yard with the kids and playing with his chew toys.
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12:23:07 AM
Rescued dog and his toys
I am not really sure but I think that there are some schools or trainers that teaches dogs and puppies how to socialize with other dogs. A friend told me about that because I had troubles with Princess regarding her socialization habit with other dogs. I did not bring her because I could not find one. Just like what everyone else said, give your new dog some time to adjust. He may not be used to playing with toys because maybe his past owner did not allow him to use any.Introduce to him his new play things little by little.
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