Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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What to do with a stray dog?    A few nights ago while my friends and I were watching a movie in my living room, we heard someone out and we were scared at first because we thought that were was a thief outside pretending to be in need of help. Anyway, my friend decided to look at the window and our hearts almost broke when we saw that there was a Mini Pinscher crying out at the porch. We let the dog in because we were afraid that something bad would happen to him and he was freezing when we let him in. We have been posting out signs for days now but no one still calls us. Should I keep him? I don't want him to roam the streets.

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01:53:59 AM
What to do with a stray dog?
What a poor dog you have there! I think that you should wait for a few more days and wait for someone to call you up. By the way, you did not mention whether the dog has a collar and if he does not have one, I think that you can keep him if no one else claims him. It is just so sad that there are other people that can take for their dogs to be outside in the cold night. I think that you are a better owner than the previous ones so keep him and take good care of him. You are lucky that you found him and maybe he was meant for you. If you have more questions, post it here and I will try my best to help.
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01:58:21 AM
What to do with a stray dog?
Hi Kitt! Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate that because I really do not know what I should do. You know what, I really want to keep him because he is such a sweet and nice dog, and he is not too energetic unlike other mini pin that I have seen. I am afraid that maybe when her original owner claims her I am afraid that I would be too attached to the dog and I would not be able to give him back. Please help me because I really have no idea on what the best thing that I should do. Maybe I should just keep him for a few days and if still no one, I then will keep him.
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