Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Rescuing Dogs    I already have a Labrador Retriever named Hunter. Just the other day, I saw a Rottweiler outside our yard. I noticed that he was a little dirty. I was a little hesitant to approach him because I don't know if he is trained already or not. It was a good thing that he was very friendly. I looked for a tag and there was none. I then decided to rescue him. He looked very hungry and indeed he was. I am so glad that I rescued him and now I have two babies and they get along very well. How about you?

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10:47:49 PM
Rescue dogs
Blue, my Rottweiler is a rescue. I was going home from work one day, it was very late already. I just walk when I go home and I chanced upon this Rottweiler moaning in pain. I immediately went to his side and I found out that he has a fractured leg. I carried him and called in my cousin who is a veterinarian. He took care of the dog and we let the dog in our house for a couple of days. We tried finding his owner but we could not find any information that can lead us to them. From the on our family took care of him already.
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10:52:42 PM
Rescuing dogs
Princess is a rescue. I accompanied my friend one day to the humane society because she gets her dogs vaccinated in there because she gets a discount. Anyway, I was looking around and I was very sad when I saw the condition of some of the dogs in there. They were in a very bad shape and they looked like they really needed a home and a family to love them. I decided to adopt the Shih Tzu that I saw there and the people in the humane society were very happy that she already found a family to love her. I am so happy that I have her.
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