Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Good breeds to adopt    I work with the agency that rescues dogs from abusive owners. I advise first time owners to be very carefull. Being first time owner of the dog it will be kind of difficult for you to adopt a good breed that will require a lot of care. Simpler breeds would be a good start. I was working in my current organization and see a lot of success if person picks the right dog breed when adopting

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12:51:08 PM
I gues these things needs two to tango as the saying goes. However perfect the dog if it is not the right partner/owner it just won't work. The chemistry between dog and pet owner must match that what the dog needs and that what the owner needs.
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12:54:12 PM
To further explain...
A dog can be very intelligent but when the owner does not care and even does not spend time to train it... then the potential of the dog is useless. At one point of time, the owner wants a lot for his dog but he does not know that the doh he bought has genetic brain malfucntion due to breeding thereby not able to do what the owner wants.

So many cases to consider and let's just leave it at fate on what happens between the pet and its owner.
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03:55:44 AM
Taking care of a dog
taking care of a dog is also a responsibility for the owner. Part of your routine as well. So if you want to take care of a dog, be responsible enough for the mess and hygiene as well.
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