Monday, March 18, 2019
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Will you ever spank your dog?    I do not know whether this is the right place where I should ask this but this question has been bothering me for a long time now. As you know I have a dog and I love him dearly. There are even days when I would allow him to sleep with me even though I did not do that with my other dogs. Anyway, I have a problem because I would often hear my neighbor's dog crying every night. I would take a peek at their house (because our houses are connected, like an apartment) and I would see him spanking his dog because the dog would not stop crying and barking. I am really affected and I do not know what to do. Help.

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09:59:58 PM
Will you ever spank your dog?
I think that what your neighbor is doing is really bad. I have never hit my dog and I never will because that is a bad thing to do and I do not want them to fear me or get scared of me. I want them to know me as a safe person they can come home to, love, and care about. I just think that what she/he is doing is a terrible thing to do. Maybe you can contact your local animal welfare center and tell them about what is happening there and maybe they can take action so that the violence can stop. Also, why don't you try to talk to your neighbor and tell her to stop. I hope that everything will turn out alright.
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10:04:17 PM
Will you ever spank your dog?
I know that I should do something about it because I can no longer stand to hear the dog crying like a baby every night. I want to talk to her to stop doing the bad thing that she was doing but I do not want her to think that I am meddling with her life. As for me, I will never ever spank or hurt my dog because that is a bad and violent thing. I think that you are correct when you said that our dogs should think of us a safe place where they can home to. I know now why the dogs she own are violent towards other dogs because that is what she is doing to them. It is sad that people are doing that to animals.
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