Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Know Any Games To Play With Dog?    Does anyone know any games to play with your dog? I walk mine daily and we are together a lot but he very often seems bored.

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03:03:27 AM
Have you tried clicker training? Google Karen Pryor. Or you might find books at a local book store. There are many things you can teach him.
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03:04:43 AM
Try These
Here are a few from the top of my head if you haven't already tried them---
Put just a slight dab of peanut butter on your cheek , ask your dog for a kiss, he will automatically lick the peanut butter, praise him a lot, you can keep at it until you don't need the peanut butter.
Get a hoop at the dollar store and teach him to jump through by holding a treat on the other side. Start with the hoop on the ground and graduate higher as he learns.
Put him on the other side of a low table and teach him to crawl by keeping a treat at his nose.
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03:08:49 AM
Fetching Toys
I usually play with my dog and her dog toys... sometimes we also do hide and seek... but her favorite game is fetching her toys...
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09:30:38 AM
Follow the Leader
A really fun game I play with my dogs and my puppy classes is follow the leader.

I set up lots of puppy obstacles and traffic cones in no particular order and give each handler the opportunity the chance to be leader. All you need are three dogs and handlers. In the summer I include a shallow wading pool, also some piles of balls or Frisbees. Well, you get the idea.
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09:33:12 AM
Find the Treat
I put my dogs on a "down" stay then I put treats in a variety of hiding places. They have to wait until I'm all done hiding them. When I say "GO!" the dog run around trying to each get the most treats.
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09:38:39 AM
Hide and Seek
I play hide and seek with my dog. I put him on a sit or down wait. Then I hide. When I am ready I call him. Watch out they sometimes peek. This is good for teaching the dog to wait until called as well as fun for you and your dog.
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09:43:16 AM
Treasure Hunt
Put your dog in a down-stay and place a treat (food or toy) within sight. Return to your dog and release her, and encourage her to go to the treat -- she can eat it or play with it. Repeat this, varying where you put the treat. Next time, "hide" the treat where the dog can't see it, but she can see you putting it there (behind a piece of furniture, for example). Release her, and let her get the treat (show her if necessary). Next, hide the treat in further away, then in another room, out of sight, and if she stays in her "stay" let her find it. You can increase the distance, difficulty, and even number of treats (several small food bits) as your dog gets better at "stay". This is especially good for dogs that have begun to learn "stay" but are nervous about having their people go out of sight.
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09:46:01 AM
Simon Says
If you have the right attitude, you can make obedience training a game. Let your dog prove how clever she or he is by sitting when you say "sit", lying down when you say "down", etc. Try it when your eyes are closed, your back is to the dog, or you are in a different position like lying down or even standing on your head! Mix up "drop it", "take it/get it", "hold it", and "leave it".
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09:48:02 AM
Some dogs are natural fetchers, others are not. All can learn to enjoy this game. Be sure to teach and practice "drop it" first. If your dog refuses to return the ball (and this is pretty instinctive!), or drops it too far away, end the game in disgust. Don't turn "fetch" into "keep away"! "Fetch" can be shaped by rewarding interest in a toy, then approaching a toy, then touching it, then mouthing it, then picking it up. Use a clicker to click-and-treat faster retrieves, catches in the air, or a neater return.
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09:53:47 AM
Hide and Go Seek
When you are out of sight of your dog, call her to you. You can either use your normal "recall" command or just her name. Be very excited when she arrives. Start making it more difficult by "hiding" behind doors, couches, etc. If she doesn't find you at first, call her again. If your dog is very good at "stay" you can use this to keep her in place while you hide. Some dogs will use their noses for this task, others will just look. Most of them will learn a faster recall. This is a great game for kids to play with dogs, as long as the kids don't encourage the dog to chase them. (I played this for hours with my first dog when I was young!)
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