Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Dog Jumping    My dog Ahren always jumps over on anyone when he gets excited even to strangers. How can I train him to correct this distracting behavior?

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04:50:53 PM
Re: Dog Jumping
I think that dog jumping is either your dog is seeking an attention, or its another form of greeting behavior or could be a reaction for being protective. The reasons could vary depending on how your dog was oriented and once you detect this improper behavior, then start the training to correct it.
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04:52:18 PM
Re: Dog Jumping
If you have a visitor with you, and your dog does not stop from showing off and asking for attention, then coerce with your visitor not to give the dog a pat, or just ignore. Don’t shout at the dog and make him feel shut off. Make sure your dog fixes itself by sitting, napping before you start giving him attention by patting, or for another a reward
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04:53:19 PM
Re: Dog Jumping
I think dogs must be trained by having them listen to your keywords for them to obey you. If you develop some commands that make your dog act like a push button, then it will surely help him and be in control with or even without visitors.
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04:54:13 PM
Re: Dog Jumping
If your dog has a habit of approaching the guests from an opening door, maybe there is a pattern to correct somewhere. Maybe you have to open the door first before guests come in. That way your dog has to wait for his turn to approach rather than your pet greeting them.
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04:55:34 PM
Re: Dog Jumping
One way is to teach the dog to sit, and don’t move or attempt to open the door when the dog does not sit. That way your dog will be trained to wait for his turn. Also get him a reward for doing so.
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