Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Do your dogs have weird habits    I have two adorable dogs named Caleb and Growler. I love them to bits and I know that Growler is a weird name but I can't change it because I have no right to do that since my boyfriend gave me the dog and he gave the name to the dog. Anyway, I saw both of them sitting at the porch one afternoon and suddenly I heard both of them howling. I went outside and I saw that Caleb was teaching Growler how to howl. It was really funny because Caleb is much older than Growler and he is teaching him to do something. How about you? Do your dogs d the same? Share them here!

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09:47:42 PM
Do your dogs have weird habits
Yes and just like you I think that it is strange that they are teaching each other their weird habits. I have three dogs named Strawberry, Cherry, and Misha. Please do not mind the name, I just love berries hence their fruity names. I have had Cherry for a long time now, I think around 3 years already and Strawberry and Misha came along just last year. Cherry taught both of the dogs that they should bring to me my slippers. I do not know whether she taught them or they copied her but whatever all I know is that it is very sweet. That is a cute and strange habit! I mean your dogs howling.
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09:51:24 PM
Do your dogs have weird habits
I do not think that they teach each other. Well, that is just based from what I have observed and my experience with it. I have two dogs named Miles and Jules and they are siblings. I got them when they were still a little puppy and they were given to me by my sister who has tons of them. Miles is very good because he is easily trained and sometimes he would talk to me. You know by barking like crazy. I think that Jules has copied this because he is doing the same thing as well for a few weeks now. I think that it is very sweet but at the same time I also think that it is a little strange.
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