Monday, March 18, 2019
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Moving out of the bed    Drowsy has been sleeping with us for 6 months already ever since she turned 4 months old. Now my problem is I want her to move out of the bed because I have a husband now and he thinks that it is not necessary and unsanitary. I told him that it would be alright but he insisted. He is not a big fan of cuddling with dogs. So, how do I break it to my dog gently? I know that he would whine and complain, but what is the best way to do it? Thank you for your advices!

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10:20:02 PM
Use a baby gate
That also happened to me when my girlfriend moved in the house. She could not stand sleeping next to my dog and as much as I want him to sleep with me, I can't. My friend suggested that I use a baby gate and I did. I think it has the same effect as using another method because my dog could not enter the room. He would continuously whine but stop after a few minutes. It bothered me, but not anymore. He is starting to get better now, I guess. He sleeps now in the couch which he finds as comfy as my bed.
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10:25:13 PM
treats, treats, treats!
I did not have much trouble with Rocky moving out of the bed. Well, he doesn't really like sleeping on the bed always so I guess that is the reason why. However, I suggest that you train your dog to go to a mat or a couch and when he does, give him a reward or something which will make him want to go back again and again. My brother did this to his dog and it was very successful because the dog is not complaining anymore. He has to keep the treats consistent though for if not, it's going to be a big trouble.
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10:30:39 PM
Thank you guys for all of your responses! I will definitely try one of those methods. Drowsy is a very hard-headed dog and she would do everything just to get what she wants. Anyways, what kind of baby gate did you use? Or are there kinds? I am not really familiar with those kinds of things and it is expensive? Maybe I should do the command and give him treats if he follows me. I am a little strapped on cash though. Any other suggestions that won’t be involving buying new stuffs? I think that a baby gate might be too expensive for me.
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