Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Training Problems    Can someone give me a list of dog training mistakes?

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02:17:49 AM
Training Problems
Here's the list

1) Giving different words for the same command.
If you want your dog to obey your commands, you must be consistent with the words that you use. For example you may issue the command "Sit" most of the time. It is no good expecting your dog to also sit down when you say "Get down off my favorite chair"

2) Rubbing nose in urine
This has no affect on training a dog. All you are doing is burning is nose. Which is probably something that you don’t want to do.

3) Smacking, hitting and punishing the dog.
Experts dog trainers have shown that this type of human behavior has no positive effect on a dog,

4) Shouting
This will just confuse the dog. Remember, that the whole point of verbal commands is that you have taught the dog to learn from the sound of your voice to link it to an action that he needs to take.

5) Letting the dog eat at the same time as you.
This indicates to the dog that he is your equal. What you need to do is let the dog eat after you. This will teach him that you are the master and in control.
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02:19:26 AM
More Training Problems
If you are in the process of training your dog or considering it, then you might like to check the following list to ensure that you are not making one of the common mistakes.

1) Making training session to long.
15 minutes is just about right for a training session. This keeps it fun for young dogs that can have a short attention span.

2) Starting training too late in the dogs life
It’s far easier to train a young puppy. As a dog gets older you will have to put in a lot more obedience training and may have to take the dog to a training school.

3) Puppy crate to big
Puppies don’t like to be a in a big crate. It makes them feel uncomfortable. You can get crates that are adjustable. So that as the dog gets bigger you can adjust the size of the crate to accommodate him.

4) Training the dog when you are in a bad mood.
Don’t train the dog when you are in a bad mood. This means that the tone of your voice will be different and the dog will not be able to link your verbal commands to the action that he should take.

5) Not giving lots of praise.
To enforce your commands, when the dog has taken the right action give him lots of praise.
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02:44:01 AM
Training Problems
Here are some more

1) NEVER call your dog to come to you if you are yelling at it or plan to correct him/her. They will associate coming to you with punishment.
2) Don't ask you dog to do something you can't correct it for if it disobeys (i.e. call it to come if it isn't wearing a leash/long line). He/she will think "I didn't listen and I didn't get corrected so I don't have to listen).
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11:34:45 AM
Here is one Example of Dog Training Mistake
Calling your dog and then, when he comes to you, “punishing” him or doing something he doesn’t like.

Your dog is having tons of fun in the dog park — you call and he comes to you — and you reward his behavior by putting him on a leash and taking him home. Or he’s in the yard having fun, you call him to come in and when he does, you start to clean his ears, cut his nails or brush his teeth. Is it any wonder your dog no longer comes when called?
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11:39:11 AM
Dog training Mistakes
Sticking your dog’s nose in his messes to correct his housebreaking “mistakes.

Bad move. You don’t actually have a problem with your dog “going,” you just have a problem with the location. Sticking his nose in it or hitting him with a rolled up newspaper will only confuse your dog and may actually teach him to hide his bodily functions from you — soon you’ll find his “presents” in the closet or behind the couch. Or you may find that he will not go to the bathroom in front of you, even when it’s the right location. Or your dog may drink his urine or eat his excrement from fear of your reaction.

Never correct a dog eliminating in the wrong place after the fact. Correct them only if you catch them in the act, and not by hitting them, but by yelling NO! or OUTSIDE!, and immediately taking your dog out. Once outside, stay with him to praise the heck out of him for doing it there.
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11:47:51 AM
Dog Training Problem
Ignoring bad behaviors such as jumping, chewing and aggression, thinking your dog will “grow out of it.”

The longer your dog is allowed to continue inappropriate behavior, the more certain he will become that it is acceptable. Jumping, chewing and aggression are not stages of a dog’s development, but unacceptable behavior. Teach your dog that this is unwanted behavior by teaching him what to do instead.
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11:54:06 AM
Worst Dog Training Mistake
Taking your dog back in the house immediately after he eliminates.
Your dog takes forever to go to the bathroom — he takes as much time as he can to find just the right spot and read all the p-mail in the neighborhood. Why? Because the minute he eliminates, his time outside is all over and you hustle him back into the house. So in order to stay outside longer, he simply delays going to the bathroom.

The solution? Teach your dog to go to the bathroom on cue and, once he does, reward him by starting the walk then!
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