Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Boxer is super aggressive with his toys    I have a dog named Milo and he is such a sweet, gentle and loving creature. He would play around with all the kids in the apartment and sometimes they would even ride on top of him and he never complains. You see, he is a very playful and fun dog. He loves going around and play with the kids. We never get any complaints about him. However, we were in the park a few days ago and then there was this sweet dog that was playing with his toy as well. Milo came over to him and got his toy. They started to fight because the other dog wants his toy back. What should I do? I do not want him to be mean towards other dogs.

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06:06:51 AM
Boxer is super aggressive with his toys
Did you say that they were fighting? I think that maybe they are just playing rough with each other and not fighting like what you said. I guess that the only way for you to know is that you should learn about your dog's body language and observe him for a while so that you will know when he is mad or when he just wants to play. You said it yourself that he is a sweet and gentle dog so I do not think that he is being aggressive towards the other dog and the toy. Is he being trained? Maybe you can get a pro to train him and to teach him how to be less aggressive to other dogs.
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06:10:20 AM
Boxer is super aggressive with his toys
Hi! I think that maybe Summer is right. You should keep a close watch to Boxer first in order for you to know when he is being aggressive or when he just wants to have fun. Most dogs are like that, you would think that they having a fight but they are just playing around. Are you the first owner of the dog? If not, maybe you can check his background so that you will know whether he has a bad experience with that. I am not an expert but I think that this is the best way to find out. If all else fails, maybe you can just keep him on a leash until he stops doing that. I hope Boxer will be less mean to other dogs. Good luck.
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