Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Teaching my dog to swim    I have two dogs at home right now, Hunter and a new rescue that I just got a few days ago. They are very active dogs and they would run around and around the park together. They are very rough but gentle dogs. Anyway, so there is this lake just near our house and they would usually run around the land surrounding the lake. Hunter loves swimming in there and he would just jump into the water. Our new rescue dog which I haven't named yet, I think he wants to jump into the water but he is a little hesitant or unsure about it. I know he can do it. Are there any training methods that I can teach him?

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11:04:38 PM
Teaching my dog to swim
I have also that same experience with my dogs. The other dogs would love to play around in our pool, but Dragon was a little hesitant at first to jump into the water and enjoy. He was a little young then, maybe around 3 to 4 months old. I think he really was envious of the other dogs when h saw them swimming in the water. What I did was I led him into the water with treats. I was in the water and I would lure him. He was a little hesitant at first but he loved the treat so much that he jumped into the water and started swimming. It was a very nice experience.
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11:09:34 PM
Teaching my dog to swim
I am a big swimmer and I want to be able to bring my dog with me. When he was over 6 months old, I tried luring him into the water so he could swim, but he was very afraid and won't go near the water. I know that he was just afraid because he loves taking bath. Maybe he just got overwhelmed by the vast waters. I carried him into the water and I taught him how to swim just like I would with a baby learning to swim. I carried him in my arms and allow him to swim. I let go when I know that he already can do it.
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11:19:44 PM
Teaching my dog to swim
Thank you all for your advice. I would definitely try to lure him into the water with treats. My brother suggested though that if maybe it doesn't work, I should just toss our new rescued dog into the water. He said that all dogs know to swim and we just have to remind or refresh them about it. I hope that our new rescue would eventually learn how to swim so that they, Hunter and the new dog, can swim together.
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