Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dog not responding    I have Antsy for a few days already. She is a very playful dog and she seems that she is so restless. I have a problem with her because each time I let her out in the garden she runs around and around. I tried calling her to come in but it was if she was not hearing me. She also tried to escape one time and it was very annoying because I had to give her a treat so that she would just come in the house. I have noticed though that she is perfectly alright when she is in the house and she responds to when she is called. She also follows strangers and other dogs around.

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10:27:53 PM
Dog not responding
Why are you letting your dog off leash when he or she is still not responding when you call her? I don't think you should never let her off leash especially if that is the situation. Just like what you have said she usually runs after other dogs. What if she encountered an aggressive dog? That would pose a potential harm on your dog and she might be really damaged by that dog. Do not let her out or if you are allowing her to get out just keep her in the yard with a fence.
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10:59:43 PM
Dog not responding
I agree with Lloyd. You should never let your dog out to chase after other dogs, animals, or people especially if he or she still does not recognize or know his or her name well. It is going to be a big problem for you because you might not be able to keep track of your dog always and you might lose him. Lloyd was also right when he said that what if your dog chanced upon an aggressive dog or another animal, it is going to hurt him really bad. Don't take your chances and just do everything to protect your dog.
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