Monday, March 18, 2019
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Dog's Toys R Us    Everyone knows that baby dogs like to chew and chew. If you are not careful your shoes will be their chewing gum. So I was thinking perhaps there is a specifi store for dog toys. If there is, can someone reply to this post or if not, maybe one can start a business out of it and profit on the popular store's name. Hmmmn!

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12:02:53 AM
Dog toy store.
There are already dog toy stores although there is no specif dog store that only sells toys. One can basically just search online and find these items. Perhaps your idea might work but to do this as a main business, maybe another business is better.
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12:20:20 AM
Agree with jimm3
It will just be a waste of time and money making a specific "dog toys only" store. Almost any dog store will already have these anyway so if I am shopping myself, I would rather go to a store that has lots to offer than just toys for my dear Alvie.
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