Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Firm Command    In training a dog,you must be firm in your command.No hesitance in saying a word to your dog.And when training at least 30 to 60 minutes longer.But one word of command a day!

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03:20:08 AM
yes-- thats really true! dogs are easier to train than any other animals, they are very friendly and obedient.
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08:39:18 AM
Re: Firm Command
That's right! you must instigate in the mind of your dog a specific word/command every time you have their training session, and yeah, you really need to be firm, its like commanding a fresh Military recruit.
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02:30:14 PM
Re: Firm Command
Let's be careful with our intention in giving command to dog otherwise they will get mistaken with which command they follow. Dogs can read our emotions when we ask them or commands. So simple commands like sit needs not to be done in really aggressive voice but just sharp and make it catchy.
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