Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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My new puppy keeps on biting!    So as you all know I just got a new Shih Tzu puppy named Antsy. She is very lovable and she is such a sweetie. Now I have a slightly small problem with her that I just experienced yesterday. She keeps on jumping up and down and she is always trying to bite me and my boyfriend. I don't know but she doesn't stop until she gets her little teeth on us. We tried getting away from her like moving into another room but she keeps on following us wherever we go. Is there any way that we can prevent her from doing this? I don't want to her to be a biter when she gets bigger.

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10:59:21 PM
My new puppy keeps on biting!
When my puppies were a little younger they are also like that. They were a biter but they eventually stopped. What I did was I told them no and I turned my back away from them and don't mind them unless they stop biting me. When they leave, I will go to them and praise them for not biting me anymore. I guess puppies really love being praised at. My puppies sure did love them.
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11:03:32 PM
My new puppy keeps on biting!
I don't think that you should be consistent on giving treats to your dogs to refrain him from biting on you or anyone else. I think that your dog would be too dependent on the treats that you are giving him or he may also possibly think that whenever he bites you, you will give him a treat. He might think that you are rewarding him for biting you which is not a good idea. I suggest that you get a baby gate so that we would not be able to come near you unless you come to him. Do you get my point?
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