Monday, March 18, 2019
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Dogs on new years day    On New Year's Day festivities, I observed that dogs get startled and scared so much because of the firecrackers and fireworks. My pets get a hard time of finding a place to hide.

Now, how can we handle our pets during that time of the year or on events when there are firecrackers and fireworks (he he!).. so much banging there )? It happens only sometime in a year and it seems hard to get our dogs to get used to it.

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07:53:28 AM
Re: Dogs on new years day
Well, for me... I haven't really got to train my dogs to get used to it. So, before new years day, I prepare a special place in the house where I can put them. That way, they'll contain their fear from all that banging.
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07:54:20 AM
Re: Dogs on new years day
Some dogs are used to that kind of festivities, others are unfortunately not! for me I don't have that specific place where my dog have their hiding place with all those banging for the New Years Eve, my dog isn't really that scared with all those fireworks, maybe because he has that brave blood. ha ha ha! Lucky for me though.
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07:55:40 AM
Re: Dogs on new years day
I would probably suggest to put some cottons on the ears of your dogs, Its proven, though it would not really shut down the banging, but that would decrease the sound.
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