Monday, March 18, 2019
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Best trick you ever taught your dog    Dogs are intelligent animals. What dog trick fascinates you whenever your pet shows it?

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07:18:07 AM
Re: Best trick you ever taught your dog
I think the best trick that I have ever thought my dog to learn is where to go in case he needs to pee or when call of nature is coming. And for me its a big accomplishment, considering the fact that I don't have much time of teaching him those kind of tricks.
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08:40:54 AM
Re: Best trick you ever taught your dog
For my dog a trick that I was able to teach him and I could say that was really proud of is whenever we watch a movie or a TV show in my room, I thought him where to sit, its kinda cute, because after he sits on his chair, he stares at me, and implies a message: "Boss its time to open the DVD! I loved it!
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08:41:40 AM
Re: Best trick you ever taught your dog
I don't have any specific tricks that I thought to my dog, but there is one trick that I want him to do, he wakes me up in the morning, licks my face, and mind you he's very consistent in waking me up. I am so blessed to have a dog like that, I just love him.
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