Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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What a big chewer!    I know for a fact that Hunter loves chewing and he would usually bite and chew everything that is within his reach. I have seen him chew off my sister's slippers and I have also seen him chew off the furniture. I just let him be because he never does any major damage to the furniture and other things in the house. I was sleeping a few hours ago and I kept him on leash. I know that he would bite and chew on it but I never expected that he would eat his way out through his leash! I was really surprised because it was unbelievable. I had to buy a new one and hope that he doesn't eat it.

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01:15:26 AM
What a big chewer!
This also happens a lot with Princess and Angel! They would really chew off their leash until it is broken. I am not really sure why they do that because I always let them off leash when necessary. I just had to keep them on leash sometimes because we had to take a walk in the park or when I am doing something and I don't want them to be messing things up. They always want to be outside in the yard and I just could not let them go out freely because there are many stray and aggressive dogs outside.
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01:22:01 AM
What a big chewer!
Rocky was exactly like that a few months ago and it had been a big problem for us. I really could not control it and I went to ask my friend who is a veterinarian about it. She advised that maybe I could use a leash that is 1/2 made of chain and the other of regular leash. it is specifically made for horses but I still decided to give it a try since he badly needed one. During the first time that we used it on him, he still kept on biting but stopped only after a few minutes. It has worked very well because he could not chew on the metal part thus saving me more money on buying a new leash.
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