Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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My dog is behaving badly outside    I have had my dog Rottweiler for a few years now and things have always been great. He is very obedient and he follows everything that I tell him to do. You see, he is also spoiled because I give him all the things and treats that he wants even though I have to spend outside my budget. However, this past few months, his attitude is getting bad because when I take him out for a walk he would bark to other dogs and people. I tried to give him some treats so that he would stop doing that but it did not help. I am really losing my patience and it is irritating me a lot already.

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02:50:02 AM
My dog is behaving badly outside
I am thinking that maybe your dog feels that he should protect you and he thinks that other dogs and people are a big threat to you. You should be glad that you have a protective dog! However, if it bothers you a lot, I recommend that whenever you take him out and he starts to bark like crazy, go in front of him and face him. In that way, he has no other choice but to look up to you. I know that you may think that it is weird but it works well. Also, you should let him know that there is no need to protect you because you can take care of yourself and those other animals are not a threat.
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02:53:35 AM
My dog is behaving badly outside
Yes, you should do what Boom said because I have used that method to my dog, who was behaving really crazy a few months back, and it worked effectively for him. I think that maybe the dog feels that they should protect us because they see the other animals as a threat. We should be thankful for that but if it is too much already we need to step in and correct what is wrong. If this does not work for you, you can also try another method. You can use a shorter lease so that you can easily grab him when he starts barking again. It might not work but it is still worth a try.
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