Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Puppy Familiarization    I just got a new pup from a friend and I want him feel homy and adjusted to his new home, any tips?

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04:13:09 PM
Re: Puppy Familiarization
When you get your new puppy, tour him around the house and let him hear different sounds. That way he will expect this sounds to be a part of his day-to-day living. Like sounds of kettle whistling, cellphone ringing, alarm clock, chimes and other neighborhood noises, your new pup needs to hear these so he will get to use and not freak out easily with these sounds.
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04:15:06 PM
Re: Puppy Familiarization
Another way to do it is play a television. Your puppy’s attention can get a little absorbed then he will learn to adapt with the rest of the family members by later joining the family together in the future watching television.
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08:46:36 AM
Re: Puppy Familiarization
Its good that you play music at home as a smoothing effect in your house ambience and promotes ease at sleep. It’s a no-no to let your puppies listen to the latest gadgets like MP3 in close range 'coz they create distracting sounds.
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