Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Rott keeps on barking    A few days ago I found a cute Rottweiler in my yard and I think that he is still young, maybe 6 or 7 months. I was hesitant to go to him first because I thought that he was aggressive but I was thrilled because when I came to him he was very gentle. I decided to keep him because he has no tag and he looked very hungry. Anyway, he gets along fine with the other dogs that I have at home and they play all the time running around the yard. I have a problem with him though because he keeps on barking all night long. He never stops barking at night and I do not know what is up with him.

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10:19:52 PM
Rott keeps on barking
I am glad that you decided to keep him because based from what you have said here, he is a really sweet dog that is in dire need of love and care. I am happy that you will be able to share that with him. Anyway, I think that your dog must feel that he should do something to always be on guard and to protect you. Maybe he is thinking that he should always be alert. Whenever he is crying, why don't you try to go to him and assure him that everything is OK and there is no need for him to be anxious. If that does not work, maybe you can let him sleep on the bed with you.
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10:23:25 PM
Rott keeps on barking
Wow that is some anxious dog you have there. I had the same experience with you when I first got my rescued dog Khloe. She was crying all night long and I did not know what to do because I really had no idea on what was happening to her. She was sleeping on the couch by the way, so I thought that maybe she would feel better if she sleeps with me on the bed. Things turned out well after she started to sleep on my bed and the barking and crying finally stopped. I guess you could try that as well or maybe you can also follow what love has said and assure the dog that there are no troubles or problem.
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