Monday, December 11, 2017
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Flying plastic bags?    How do I stop my dog from running away from flying plastic bags? He just loves running after them.

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02:00:58 PM
Re: Flying plastic bags?
Get lots of small pieces of chicken, cold cuts, hotdogs, etc. Start off by putting the inanimate object as far away from your dog.

Then start dropping the pieces of meat a few inches away from the plastic bag. Observe if your dog becomes nervous. If he isn’t, continue to drop the meat pieces near the plastic bag, making sure that they get closer and closer to it, and have the dog pick and eat it up. Eventually the dog will learn to ignore the plastic bag while grabbing at the meat.
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02:04:55 PM
Re: Flying plastic bags?
Eventually, the dog will learn to disassociate the plastic bag with his fear of inanimate objects – and eventually ignore it completely.
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02:05:51 PM
Re: Flying plastic bags?
Also, try to exercise or play with your dog more -- and use some other bright-colored toys like a ball that he can play with.
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