Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Vet Office Stress    My pet Liv squirms at the sight and become aggressive during session with vets, any tips to reduce this or prevent this?

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01:57:42 PM
Re: Vet Office Stress
Some dogs translate its fear to aggression at the first and uncontemplated visit to vet office. It could escalate to extreme nervousness, drooling or diarrhea or worst seizure which can only aggravate the situation or stressful. Dogs must be trained to love vet visits by starting out a drill of taking the dog to a nearby place and look for positive signs.
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01:58:44 PM
Re: Vet Office Stress
That only shows dogs also experience shock or develops fear in their own terms. To lessen this, take your dog into a ride in a nearby park or any public places. It all starts with riding the dog and see if he gonna likes the activity and becomes desensitized.
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02:00:49 PM
Re: Vet Office Stress
There are available tranquilizers or any calm exam in any event that vets suggest to apply it in appeasing the dogs especially when there is an operation or immediate medical help to be done.
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02:01:51 PM
Re: Vet Office Stress
For more convenience, an on-call vet is the solution to avoid the hassles of dog panic. Right in the comfort of the homes where the dog is much at peace and comfortable with little prodding and help of owners then medical attention is smoothly sustained.
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02:03:00 PM
Re: Vet Office Stress
Have the dog taken to your travel on car rides or to fun places where it can play and socialize. This way, your dog will not associate car rides as always trips to the vet!
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06:53:10 AM
Re: Vet Office Stress
my vet says it's normal for a dog to be aggressive during vet sessions. she ven says dogs are like kids. however, when dogs get used to seeing and spending time with their vets, they usually mellow down.
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