Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Dog Not Acting Normal    I can’t call it a sick day for dogs but sometimes he is not himself? Is it a sign he feel something bad to get him to my vet?

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06:18:50 AM
Re: Dog Not Acting Normal
Usually you wonder why your dog mood changes from being perky to sullen but when he lost his passion to doing his usual things coupled by loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea or not urinating at all, that’s the time to call your vet for further examining the underlying reasons.
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06:20:20 AM
Re: Dog Not Acting Normal
Each dog at certain stage can feel sluggish, that can both be normal or abnormal at their age or breed. Your dog can be moody this time and jumpy the next. But if his being not himself persists beyond the usual pattern, then its time for vet’s assessment. Performing general tests will determine your dog’s condition.
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06:21:31 AM
Re: Dog Not Acting Normal
Dog owners are so receptive of their pet’s moods. Such that you can either detect or has a keen forecast if your pet is not feeling well, or feeling painful or he is just too lazy at times. Our instincts should always tell us to seek vet’s advice to better understand our dog’s absenteeism.
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06:23:46 AM
Re: Dog Not Acting Normal
It is always the best sign to go to a vet rather than just shrug it off. Its different when your dog is sick and your dog is not himself. There could be both psychological or health problems so its still your vet has the best piece of advice for this.
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