Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Can my dog get sick because of me?    I am a little sick now and I have colds and cough because the weather is getting really cold down here. Anyway, I am worried about my dogs because they always jump up to me, lick my face, and give me kisses even when I told them to stop already. I am worried because I think that maybe they should get sick as well because they can contract it from me. Is this possible? I do not want her to get sick or something because I have a friend who has colds then and her dog got one as well, that is what she told me. Help me and I really need your help and advice with this problem.

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09:00:59 AM
Can my dog get sick because of me?
I do not think that what you are saying is possible because germs and bacterias that cause colds and other sickness are different from those of humans and animals. You have nothing to worry about because when I was really sick a few weeks ago, my dogs were giving me sweet kisses and they were licking my face as well but they did not get any of my colds. Of course they can have one as well but they usually get it from other dogs and not from humans. Don't let being sick stop you from getting love from your pet. I hope that I helped you and if you need more help, don't hesitate to post it here.
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09:08:10 AM
Can my dog get sick because of me?
Thank you for your answer Nina. I really appreciate it because I am worried that maybe my dog will get sick because I have a really bad cold. I think that you are right because she is whining a lot right now and I think that she wants to get my attention that is why she won't stop crying, barking, and kissing my face. Thank you for what you said made me feel better and I can go play with my dog now even though I am sick. Also, what should I do to keep my dog safe from flu and colds that she can get from other dogs? I want to keep them safe not only from the sickness that they can get me but from others as well.
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