Monday, May 20, 2019
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Dog Dental Cleaning    Is anaesthaesia still needed for cleaning my dog’s teeth?

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08:09:28 AM
Re: Dog Dental Cleaning
Of course, for home cleaning program, no need for anaesthesia. It is only administered by vets with special permits to do so and in cases of oral surgery.
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08:10:45 AM
Re: Dog Dental Cleaning
Anaesthesia is only involved when there is a full oral exam program that needs to fully examine the dog’s general tooth and mouth condition. Like we humans, their bad teeth is removed, plaque or tartar plucked out and polishing applied. They have to be applied with anaesthesia in very safe levels.
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08:11:24 AM
Re: Dog Dental Cleaning
Not all dogs of course are willingly gonna open their mouth, they might fight back if you do. Anaesthesia will lessen the pain of further examining extreme parts of the mouth and gums and remedy the problems.
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