Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Dogie bye-byes!    How do you make your dog to stay at home when you leave out the front door every morning?

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11:40:55 AM
Try this exercise Part 1
Try training it to stay with this exercise. Put your dog on a leash and tell it to sit and praise it with a treat.. Then holding your palm out facing the dog, slowly walk backwards, saying the dog’s name followed by the word “stay”.
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11:41:32 AM
Try this exercise Part 2
If the dog doesn’t move, praise the dog copiously and give it a treat. Follow again with 2 steps back, then 3, saying the same thing. If the dog doesn’t move every time, praise it lavishly and give it a treat. Do this several times and the dog will learn eventually to stay at home while you run out the door.
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