Friday, April 26, 2019
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My dog won't stop peeing    Hi! I have had my dog, Misshie, for a few months now. I got her because my sister's dog gave birth to 7 puppies and she gave me one as a present and she thinks that owning one will teach me to be more responsible. Anyway, I also have a cat at home and I think that they are doing great with each other because I have never seen both of them fight or glare at each other like the one we see in movies. Now, I always see Misshie peeing, or marking, the places where the cat usually stay. He pees even on his own bed because there was this one time that both of them slept on the same blanket. What is going on with the two of them?

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08:15:36 AM
My dog won't stop peeing
Hi! Are you sure that he is marking the spot where the cat stays most of the time? I am not that surprised because most of the dogs that I had are like that. They want to show their dominance by doing that and they want to mark that they own those things. But I am also thinking that maybe your dog has a bladder problem and maybe she cannot control her pee. I still think that you should have her checked out by a vet so that you can be assured that all is well with her. I had this dog once and I thought that he was just marking things at home but I was surprised when I went to the vet and we found out that he was sick.
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08:20:00 AM
My dog won't stop peeing
Yeah, I agree with what the poster above has said. I think that you should have your dog checked out first because I think that there is a problem with your dog. Or if you think and you found out that she is in the best of health, I think that maybe you should potty train her for that may be another reason why she is always peeing. Also, you should not let her drink water 2 to 3 hours before she goes to sleep because maybe she can't control her peeing so it is better to be safe. I hope that you will find the answer to your dilemma. If all else fails, bring her to a vet or you can also search the net for answers.
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