Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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New pup whines and cries a lot    My sister's Rottweiler gave birth and she gave me one puppy. It is nice because I have always wanted to have a dog and I feel that I am more responsible since I had her. Anyway, Alice is a spoiled brat and I give her all the things that she wants and even those that she does not need. However, she started whining just a few days ago and she does not stop. I am not doing anything wrong to her and in fact I love her dearly but all the whining is slowly getting to my nerves. What's up with her? I have never scolded her or even raised my voice. I do not know what is going on with her.

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02:11:33 AM
New pup whines and cries a lot
Hi coolness! I am glad that you started taking care of a dog for it is the best thing in the world. Anyway, I do not think that there is something wrong with your Alice and I believe that you have never scolded her because my dog is exactly like her. When I first got Chloe from a friend, she did not stop whining and crying even at the middle of the night. It bothered me a lot because I did not know what was going on but my friend told me that the dog was just looking for more attention and love. Since then, she got better and the whining stopped. She just became possessive though.
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02:14:49 AM
New pup whines and cries a lot
I definitely agree with what Becky said. Your dog is just looking for more love and attention. I had this neighbor once and her dog kept crying and whining even at the middle of the night, just like your Chloe coolness, and it bothered us a lot because we were not able to sleep properly because it was too loud. I then asked her what was wrong with her dog and she said that it just wants more attention. The whining did not stop and it continued for a few more weeks. I guess dogs are like that. Even though you give them a lot of love already, they are always yearning for more.
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