Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Drowsy is still not potty-trained    I have Drowsy for months already. I have been doing everything in the past few months just so she will be potty-trained. She still doesn't learn. She would just poop or pee inside and everywhere in the house. It just annoys me very much because I have always told her that she should go outside when she wants to eliminate. There are times that she would go out to eliminate but it is more often that she would just do it inside the house. My brother told me that maybe I should shout at her and tell her no. He even told me that maybe she will learn if I spank her. What do you guys think?

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10:54:43 PM
Drowsy is still not potty-trained
You should never yell at your dog no matter what. I think that is an old-school way of disciplining or telling your dog something, but people don't do that anymore because that is just plain cruel to the dogs. It is very likely that she may still not be potty-trained. Did you potty-train her for a long time? I mean she may not still get it if you did not train her for quite a longer time. Also, when you yell at dog during the time that she is eliminating, she may get startled and she may froze up and forgot what she was about to do. Just bring her to the vet for she may have some problems or go back to the beginning and train her.
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10:59:25 PM
Drowsy is still not potty-trained
I suggest that you get her check her out by the first just to make sure that she is not experiencing any medical problems. Maybe she could not control or resist the urge to poop or pee, and better have her checked out. Or if you don't want her to bring to a vet, just let her go outside. I just let Dorothy out during the same time each day so that she can poop or pee. It gives me less trouble thinking whether she would poop or not. When she is outside, she is free to do whatever she wants. I just give her the time to do her own thing.
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