Monday, March 18, 2019
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Brushing dog's hair    How often do you brush the hair of your dog? I have Dorothy and I brush her hair everyday. She is a Poodle and I let her grow her hair because I like it when she has longer and curlier hair. She is a very high maintenance dog and I had to constantly brush her hair so that it won't be tangled. I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour a day just to brush her hair. I have a friend though who only brushes the hair of her dog for only a few times each week. Her dog is low maintenance and doesn't require any brushing. How about you? Do you always brush your dog's hair?

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11:31:18 PM
Brushing dog's hair
I have never brushed the hair of Ferb. I have tried but he doesn't seem to like it that much. I know that I should always brush his hair to get his blood circulated around his body but I really don't. I just don't have the time for it as I am always busy with college and work. I just usually brush and run my fingers around his body which I think he enjoys and prefer more than using a comb or a brush. I constantly scratch his body which I think help a lot in shedding some of his hair. I enjoy scratching her and she enjoys it as well.
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11:36:51 PM
Brushing dog's hair
I brush the hair of my dog more often than necessary. I brush her hair for almost one to two hours a day. I have been doing it for years already and it has been a habit for me already. I had to constantly brush her hair because she sheds a lot constantly because of allergies. She also likes it when I run the comb through her hair. She also needs constant brushing because I want to keep her hair free from any tangles. I especially like brushing her hair when she has conditioner on so that the conditioner will penetrate more.
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