Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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How to clean the ears of my dog?    I want to clean the ear of new dog Antsy but I have no idea on how to do it properly or what instrument should I use to clean it. I have noticed that she been scratching her ears lately for the past few days and she doesn't seem to get it out of her head. It is alright if I use a Q-tip to remove the dirt on her ears? Or should I just bring her to a professional groomer? I really need your advice because I am quite new to this kind of things and I really want to help her also.

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11:47:10 PM
How to clean the ears of my dog?
I regularly clean the ears of Hunter once every week or so. I went to the veterinarian and asked her about it. She told me that Hunter needs a good cleaning and she gave me a cleaning solution which I should use to clean his ears. I just had to apply a small amount on a soft and wet cloth. I use it to clean his ears to remove any unnecessary dirt on his ears. She also advised that I put on a little medicine just so to prevent any infection from coming back. When I am not cleaning his ears, or during off-days, I just use a wet wipe to clean it.
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11:51:41 PM
How to clean the ears of my dog?
I suggest that you should go to a vet first to check on what is the problem behind that. There might be a bigger problem underlying the situation and it is best that you seek professional help. I also suggest that you should never ever put a Q-tip to clean his ears because it might damage his ears. It can cause serious damage which will damage the ears of your dogs in the long run. I would not suggest that you use a cleaning product to clean his ears unless your vet allowed you to do so. You should just use a wet wipes or a towel to clean the insides of his ear and be very gentle when doing so.
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