Monday, March 18, 2019
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He doesn't want to walk with me!    I have this new dog that I just rescued, right? I have been trying for days to walk him with me and Hunter but he seems that he doesn't want to walk with us. I tried giving him treats but nothing seemed to work. I was surprised though when my brother came over to visit and he willingly went for a walk with him. I was really surprised because of his reaction towards me. They went around the park for around 30 minutes and he seemed to enjoy it very well. They also played ball. What should I do regarding this problem?

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10:13:59 PM
He doesn't want to walk with me!
That is one difficult dog to handle. I have a dog exactly like that before. She doesn't want to walk with me, only with my children. I also did not understand any of what she was doing because I took care of her for a long time. She usually plays around with the kids so maybe that is the reason why. If you own a small dog try carrying her around the park first and when it seems that she wants to come down, let her go and allow her to walk. I think that she will walk if she wants to and don't force her to do so.
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10:18:50 PM
He doesn't want to walk with me!
I don't think she can carry the dog because as far as I can remember the dog that you rescued was a Rottweiler, right? Anyway, I guess you can try playing with him more often so that he would feel at ease with you and would probably want to walk with you. Why don't you try to bring him tot he park but still put a leash on him instead of letting him to just wander around by himself. In that way you can also direct him or you can also just sit on a corner far from other people and animals and see if he will move away.
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