Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Dog temperament    How do you know if your puppy will grow up to have a sweet or foul temperament?

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10:55:00 AM
Re: Dog temperament
As a puppy, there are indicators already. For instance, if it keeps on barking at not only strangers but also you for no apparent reason, it might grow up to be a fairly aggressive dog in the future.
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10:55:49 AM
Re: Dog temperament
Moreover, if the puppy is very sensitive to petting, basically jumps at you and tries to nip at your hand, then it’s an indicator that you will have to go through a lot of training and reining in behavior for such a pup.
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10:56:39 AM
Re: Dog temperament
Try this. Pick up the pup and try to dangle its legs in the air but put a firm support under its bottom. If it starts barking and wriggles away from your hold, as well as tries to bite you, then this kind of puppy might grow up to be good guard dogs, but not really well suited for young family members.
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