Monday, March 18, 2019
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Orijen dog food    Do you have any recommendation what to give my pit bull Drowsy? She is 2 years old and she doesn't get much exercise. I am thinking of giving him Orijen but is that suitable for him even if he is not that physically active? He doesn't get much exercise and I know that Orijen is specifically made for active dogs. He just usually runs around the house and the yard but not many times in a day. Is it alright if I give her Orijen? What are your suggestions or recommendations regarding this? Price is really not an issue because I want to give him only the best.

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11:19:32 PM
Orijen dog food
I tried to feed Hunter Orijen before but I guess it was not suitable for his stomach. I mean he probably could not take it because he really had a bad case of diarrhea. he was pooping everywhere and it was just so sad especially for me to see him in that condition. He really could not control it and it was indeed very awful for him. He is a very active dog by the way so I do not understand what happened. I switched him to Taste of the Wild and he is doing a lot better now when it comes to eating.
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12:02:04 AM
Orijen dog food
I give my dogs Orijen for adults and they are perfectly fine with it. They did not experience anything like diarrhea unlike other dogs. They are also very active and we go out to run around the park every afternoon or every other day.
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