Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Beer for a puddle...    My puddle drinks beer and starts to sing with any beat. I know it may not be healthy but I only do it sometimes when I am a little crazy and wants some entertainment. I guess I do this twice a year. Maybe you can try it sometimes... :)

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08:06:45 AM
Hey corkie... you are so bad! You have influenced in that I tried it on our dog and he doesn't stop chasing his tail lika a cat. The worst thing is that it vomited after a while so I had to clean a stinking vomit just because of you! I hate you! (kidding!)
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12:57:24 PM
Julieanne.... congrats!
See, I told you it would be fun! at least you know what happens to your pet when he is drank. Is he the same as your drunk friend who vomits when drunk? These are comparative test that you can do plus the entertainment you get. Of course, the vomiting part balances your enjoyment in life so be conten! :)
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12:59:49 PM
Corkie.... no but thanks!
Sori my friend but I will not make my best friend drink some more. I'd rather make him drink milk than beer! At least that makes him sleepyand when he does that, he comes to my side and just lay there as cute as he is!
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