Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Help! My dog likes to eat our cat’s food.    I don't know why he does that but is there a way to stop this?

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11:24:29 AM
A quick advice.
Serve them food together in different bowls and at the same time – but in separate parts of the room, or one animal is in the kitchen and the other is in the porch.
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11:26:21 AM

Put catnip into the cat food. Dogs hate that!
Maybe you make your cat food too dog-appealing. Consider serving only fish to the cat. Perhaps that will stop your dog from nipping from the cat feeding bowl.
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03:47:00 AM
My suggestion is---
I have experienced the same problem with dogs and cats in the house. What I do is--- I watch them as they eat so they will not take each other food. Or separate their places of dining.
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