Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Home cooking vs dog foods    Hi guys! I am living on a budget right now and I want to save more money but I do not want to compromise the health and food of my dogs. My friend told me that maybe I should start making home-cooked meals for my little dogs. They are not as big as other dogs and they do not eat that much because I do not want them to get too fat because I do not want them to get sick or unhealthy in any way. Anyway, have you tried to make foods for your dogs? How much did it cost you? Do you think it is more affordable to cook for them or should I just buy dog foods instead? Please help me! Thank you in advanced for your answers.

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11:18:51 PM
Home cooking vs dog foods
Hi! I know what you are feeling right now and it is hard to spend money because I am low in cash as well. I think that you can give home-cooked meals to your dogs but I do not suggest that you give them processed foods such as ham, bacon or hot dogs because that can cause real damage and harm to your babies. Maybe you can cook veggies for them if they like eating one so that it is more affordable and good for their health as well. You can give them baby carrots because I know that most dogs love to eat them. You do not have to spend too much, you just have to give them what is healthy and at the same time yummy for them.
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11:23:56 PM
Home cooking vs dog foods
As for me, I just stick to buying kibble for my dog because I think that it is more efficient and less time consuming rather than cooking for them. Besides, I do not have the time to cook for them since I am always out and at work. I do not mind the price though and I just live with it because if I do not feed my dog he would be sick. I would rather spend more than $15 in a week because I just want to be assured that my baby is in his best health. You can cook for them if you want and only I am given the chance I will do it as well. Just please don't give them processed foods or chocolates!
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