Sunday, June 7, 2020
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Good names for puppies    Our pet shih tzu just gave birth to 4 really cute puppies. We were so excited about it because that was her first time to gave birth. She gave birth to 3 girls and a boy. We were wondering what are good names that we can give to them. We are thinking to name the 3 girls Victoria, Chanel, and Gabbana and the boy Jacob. I know, I know. we can get really weird naming our pups. I love fashion but I also love my doggies so why not name them after fashion, right? Anyway, what do you guys think? any suggestions?

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01:37:41 AM
Good names for puppies
Wow! Congratulations that your shih tzu just gave birth. I am hoping that my Shihtzu will be pregnant soon so that their family will grow bigger. I like the names that you are thinking. They are really fashionable and would really suit your puppies. You want to name your dog Jacob? i guess you were inspired by the Twilight movie. Good thing that you did not name the girl puppy Bella. Lol. I guess that you should name your puppies based on your personality and you should think about it really well because it is like giving a name to your child. That is like for my case. I really thought about the name of my dogs because I really want them to have a nice name.
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01:44:18 AM
Good names for puppies
Congratulations! Will you keep all your puppies or are you going to give some of them away? That would be really sad for the puppies. If I were given the chance to name your puppies, I would call them Sookie, Tara, lafayette, and Bill. Lol. I am just kidding. I would probably call the girls Angel, Queenie, and Cherub. I will name the boy Michael. I know that these are already common names for dogs but I really like these names. The names are so royal and angelic. I am an avid fan of angels and I would like to name some of my dogs like them.
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02:49:19 AM
names for puppies Reply to ilovedogss37's post dated 7/23/2010 1:37:41 AM
I do hope that your dog will get pregnant soon. How old is she anyway? About my male puppy, Yes, I was really inspired by Jacob from the Twilight movie because I think that he is really beautiful and strong just like what my male puppy would be when gets older. I do not want to name any of my female puppies Bella. Please, I super hate her. Anyway, Yes, I agree with you that we really should think about the name that we will give our puppies. I want to give them those names because I really love fashion and I also want them to be fashionable, like mama and that is me.
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