Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Puppies are always screaming!    Our 4 new Shih Tzu puppies are always crying and screaming over everything that we are doing to them. We tried giving them a bath but they were all screaming as if me and my husband are beating them up. They do this everytime we do something to them. They make a big fuss out of everything that we are doing to them. We do not understand this. I know that the puppies may be possibly scared but we have been doing that for quite some time now but they still do the same. We tried clipping their nails last night and they were moving and moving. It is very difficult because we do not want to hurt them. Could they be sick or hurt? Is there any way that we can prevent or stop their screaming when we give them a bath or when we clip their nails?

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03:30:16 AM

This has been an issue for me when my dogs were still puppies. They were always screaming and crying whenever I give them a bath but they got over it. I completely ignored their screams no matter what whenever we give them a bath. I also gave them treats just so they will feel better. There were also times that they don't like the treats that I give them praises instead. I think those things really made them feel better. I also use warm water instead of cold water because they like it better. For my puppies when I clip their nails, I always make sure that they are in a comfortable position. I also try to cut their nails quickly. I always make sure that I give them treats so that they will always feel better and won't cry.
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04:06:56 AM

I agree with ilovedogss37. You should try to give your puppies some treats. When my Siberian Husky was still a little puppy, he would always scream and scream whenever I give him a bath. I give him little cookies because he really loves them. He would stop crying instantly and he would feel even better. After a few months, he got used to it and he loved it already. I only had problems with him when I tried to cut his nails. His nails are very long and I want to cut it because I do not want him to hurt his self. Just like your puppies, he would also make a big deal out of it. It was not like I was hurting him or something. I was just cutting his nails. Your puppies will eventually like what you are doing to them. Don't try to ignore their cries.
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04:25:47 AM

Thank you for your advice! I will try to give them treats but I do not know what to give them since they are still very young like 3 months old. What treats do you think that I should give them? Is it safe to give them small bite-sized cookies? Or cheese perhaps? I have already tried to give them praises but it did not work for them. I seriously do not know what to do to them anymore! I am starting to get annoyed but I know that I should understand them. I think that clipping their nails would be the most difficult for me. I am afraid to continue to cut them because they still have little nails and I am afraid that I would hurt them.
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