Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?    I'm worried about my dog trix. she doesn't want to eat and drink. she just stays under the table and does not play around like she usually does. she's not this quiet and restless. what will i do? do i have to bring her now to the vet?

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08:39:36 AM
My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
It is always better to leave it to the veterenarian for you to be sure.
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08:40:17 AM
Re: My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
there is still a solution to your problem, maybe try a variety, there are a lot of dogfoods in the market, maybe it doesn't fit her tastes buds. if all else fails, then you better bring it to your personal veterinarian.
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08:40:59 AM
Re: My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
The same thing happened to my pup Lousy some two months ago. He was so hyper and playful, but one day, all of a sudden, turned silent and just sat all day. I was trying to coax him to eat but he'd just throw up.

I took him to the vet the next day, then found out that mah pup's been having digestive parasites. The vet prescribed appropriate medications.

It was so good Lousy responded well. I got him up and runnin after three days of treatment.
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08:51:07 AM
Re: My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
I just took Trix to my friend last week and guess what, she also suffered from indigestion and parasitism. my God, I was so worried I had him vaccinated with all the necessary medicines and vitamins she needed!
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02:24:59 PM
Re: My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
The first thing you should do is to have it check by a Veterinarian. Then it is your turn to do your share. Spare some time to sit and cuddle your dog and put some food slowly in his mouth making sure you don't get bite. Little by little I'm sure he will eat. Dogs when not feeling well needs some attention.
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02:27:00 PM
Re: My dog doesn't want to eat and drink?
If your dog is disinterested with eating, you can try to substitute another meal or change his diet. If the problem remains like that and refuses to drink, then this is a medical question. Your vet has all the answers for that so better see one. Early consultation is crucial.
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02:28:20 PM

Maybe you should also check out your dog's condition, it's safer to say to bring him/her immediately to a specialist for further evaluation, don't check your dogs condition by yourself, unless you have a background with it.
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