Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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What are the basic needs for dog?    Basically this post is for those who are just starting to have a dog, to all dog lovers/enthusiasts, any suggestions?

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03:12:38 PM
Re: What are the basic needs of a dog?
Make sure the dog gets at least 30 minutes of HARD physical activity before you leave. That means you need to take him on a run or do a couple dozen long-distance fetches, etc., so that the dog is panting really hard. Make sure the dog pees and poops before you leave for the day.
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03:13:03 PM
Re: What are the basic needs of a dog?
When do finally come home, spend time with your dog. Play, pet, cuddle, etc.
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08:53:22 AM
Re: What are the basic needs of a dog?
I'm having a hard time because my maid, who is usually left at home, does not play around with my dog while i am at work.
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07:11:14 AM
Re: What are the basic needs of a dog?
Dogs have feelings. It takes a lot of commitment, if you will own a dog. Aside from providing food and vitamins, it also need some cuddling, bathing, simple excercise such as walking or running. Those things will not take much of your time. It will also benefit you, if you enjoy what you are doing.
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