Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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What games should I play with a puppy?    As you all know, my Shih Tzu gave birth to cute little puppies. However, I have noticed that they do not seem to know how to play with toys. The male pup chews some toys that he had in the past, but he doesn't seem to have an idea on what to do with the other toys like balls. This is also the same for the four female puppies. I have also noticed that when my sister brought her cute little puppies to our home, they just stare at them while they are playing and does not participate at all. I want them to be more active and well, socialize with other dogs. I mean is there any way that I can encourage or make the puppies play even with just each other?

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10:19:57 PM

I also experienced this when Dragon and Wolf were still puppies. Dragon was the more active type. He loves playing around and running around and around and around. He also ha a lot of toys that he chews on all the time. He also loves to play fetch! He is really more the athletic and "fun" type. Wolf, on the other hand, was not as athletic and lively as Dragon was. He would just sit around and watch Dragon play around. I tried encouraging him to go play with Dragon but he just sits under the chair. He is more of a shy-type. I tried giving him toys but he does not want to touch it all. He just smelled it and moved away. However, I was happy one day because I finally saw him playing with Dragon! They were like running around the house and it was really fun. I think you should just give your puppies some time to adjust. He will eventually get the hang of it.
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10:27:47 PM

Your puppies will eventually learn how to play with each other. You just give them some time to adjust. Maybe they are still not comfortable playing around with each other, or maybe they are still afraid. The possibilities are endless. We do not exactly know the reason why because we do not know what they are feeling. Just let them be, they will eventually like it when they see other dogs/puppies enjoying themselves. Or you can also try to give them treats that they like! I give my dog some treats when he was just a puppy so that he would want to play. But he was more interested in treats than the games. Your puppies might be different though.
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10:29:18 PM

I agree with ilovedogs. Try giving your dog some treats. They might like it and be encouraged to play around with the other puppies.
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10:31:36 PM

Thank you guys! I will definitely follow your advice. Just now, I saw the three female puppies playing around with each other! I am really happy! I'm just waiting for the boy to join them. I will try to give him some treats also.
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