Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Do you give your pets treats?    Pet treats are good for your dogs as much as it is good for humans. It should not be junk food but nutritious balanced meal for them. You can buy dog biscuits or chewable candies.

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06:32:36 PM
Re: Do you give your pets treats?
There is also one important thing we should know about pet treats. They don't have to be food. It might be a treat for a good behaviour. It can be chew toys, new shelter home, a clean brand new rag for them to sleep on, etc.
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06:33:24 PM
Re: Do you give your pets treats?
Yeah, what I did with my dog is I bought a breath freshener for him when he did something good for me like played with me when I got bored.
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06:34:00 PM
Re: Do you give your pets treats?
That's right! Treats are good for your pets as long as they are not hazardous or unhealthy. You can try also teaching them new tricks especially puppies. They will love it.
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