Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Foods that are healthy for dogs    I am looking for healthy foods that I can give to my dog, Ferb. However, I know that all dog owners have different perceptions on what is healthy and what is not to give our doggies. As for me, I prefer to give Ferb foods that are all natural but still have a lot of vitamins and minerals. I want to give him the best that I can give him. I tried to avoid giving him chemically-laden foods because I know that it is bad for him. What do you give your dogs? Do you give them all natural foods or do you still give them processed foods?

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01:33:48 AM
Foods that are healthy for dogs
I just avoid giving my dogs specific types of foods including meats that I am not familiar of, foods with artificial coloring and flavors, and plant proteins. I also, as much as possible, refrain from giving them anything sweet to eat including cookies, cakes, chocolates, and even ice cream. I read somewhere that it can be really bad for dogs. I also tell my children that because they sometimes forgot to do so. I give my dogs Taste of the Wild and they really love it. I have tried many other dog food brands but this is what they love the most.
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01:40:29 AM
Foods that are healthy for dogs
I am also a new owner when it comes to dogs and I have also been looking for the best and healthy food that I can feed Antsy. I initially bought Purina One for us to feed her because we still don't know which the best is because there are a lot of brands out there in the market. I am really thrilled because I know now some of the foods that I should completely avoid to give to her. We have been giving her some sweets for the past few days and I know now that it is bad for her so I will stop giving her some.
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